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RWA Agency Arms Urban Combat 17 Slide Set 2.0

The real steel Agency Arms Urban Combat pistol takes customization to a whole different level. The cuts and serrations are there to reduce weight and increase shooter manipulation. The framework is intelligently stippled and has curves in all the right places. Altogether, make for an amazing shooting experience. 

RWA has designed the Urban Combat 2.0 Slide as they hold the licensing rights to recreate the Airsoft version. Agency Arms offered help to design the Airsoft replica, making sure that every cut and groove is exactly what you'd find on the real one. This means that the RWA set will include the most realistic looking Slide and stainless steel Outer barrel on the market.

This set is designed for the Tokyo Marui lower.

It fits on a Marui and WE model at lower with some slight modifications to the WE frame but should have no problem with the Marui frame.

Every cut on the slide is as deep as you'd find on the real version. The rear serrations are called DNA collectors because it's really sharp and could graze your hand but no real harm is done.

One of the most impressive things about this is the look of the outer barrel. The material may not be the exact same as the real steel version but the final outcome is very impressive. 

Altogether, it is a thing of beauty. You will fit a Marui magazine, inner barrel, and chamber so the FPS should be the same and is still very accurate. 

Rest assured, this Agency ArmsUrban Combat 2.0 Slide kit will enhance your already well-performing pistol.

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