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Murder Oil Heavy (Purple) 2 Fl. oz.

Murder Oil Heavy (Purple) 2 fl. oz.
Murder oil is a 2 Fl. oz. synthetic lube in 3 different viscosity's  (Light, Medium, Heavy) with additives to help Prevent rust and oxidation, anti foaming to allow the oil to blend with the metals, and a slight tackiness. Will not effect or dry out the o-rings and won't coagulate or freeze.
Light - O-rings & pieces will low resistance for Pistols or GBBRs.
Medium - Can be used for GBB pistols or GBBRs on pieces with medium resistance.
Heavy - Bolts & Pieces with high resistance in GBBRs.
After 2 years of research we have finally found the best GBB lubricant on the market! This stuff has far exceeded our expectations, and has been extremely useful with repair work and GBB maintenance. We have no doubt that this is the best GBB lubricant out there!
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