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JLP Fiber Optic Front Sight For Marui Hi-Capa (Booster)

The JL Progression (JLP) Fiber Optic Sight is the perfect upgrade part to finish a top to bottom custom build or to be used as a replacement part.

Manufacturer JL Progression
Product Code JLP-BOOH
Compatibility Tokyo Marui 5.1/4.3
Construction Steel

The front sight is the most important part of the pistol. If you can acquire the front sight quickly you will be able to shoot faster and more accurately. A brighter fiber-optic sight will also help the shooter acquire the front sight both easier and faster.

  • JLP Front Sight is the Brightest Fiber-Optic front sight on the market, its special design allows for more light to enter into the fiber optic rod.
  • The fiber optic dot has been moved up to the very top of the front sight to help assist in making more consistent shots.
  • Package Includes: (1) 1.5mm Green and (1) 1.5mm Red fiber optic rods


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