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W&S AIRSOFT Full Travel Kit Installation Guide

W&S AIRSOFT GHK AK Full Travel Kit Installation Guide
Below you’ll find a complete installation guide to install the W&S Airsoft full travel kit. This task can be done in less than 15 minutes providing you have the right tools.

Parts Needed: W&S Airsoft GHK AK Full Travel kit

Tools Needed

  • Hand file set
  • Electrical tool such as Dremel for sanding/filing purposes


Major Steps:
1. Take off the original hammer and replace it with the upgraded hammer.
* Spare e-clip is a backup if you just lost the original one

2. Mod the bolt track guide from square to a slope of about 30~45 degrees. This will help the bolt moves smoothly. (Figure 1) For AKM/AK-74 Fixed stock version sanding/filing of the back plate under the receiver is required to ensure a better bolt travel.(Figure 2)

(Step 2)

(Step 2 Figure 1)

(Step 2 Figure 2)

3. The included heat-shrinkable sleeve is to be used if you have issues with the bolt locking back after the magazine is empty. (Optional)

(Step 3)

1. If you want to use the standard bolt travel function, you can just put the original block back in the position. No need to replace back the original parts.
2. You can file the rear side of the initial entrance of track which can prevent and limit the wear out of the bolt track guide. 
3. Make sure the top cover is fixed and contained well, the recoil will hit the stand directly to the buffer, if it is not well stationed, the cover will jump up and eventually cause top cover malfunction.
4. Do not put the oil on the hammer strike surface (the nozzle travels over it); it will leave dirt and metal shavings from the loading nozzle.
5. Make sure your nozzle and bolt have good an air seal, check and maintain o-rings with gbb oil.


Guide and kit created by W&S Airsoft. Further edited by GBBCentral for English readers. Click here to buy one today!