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GBBCustom 5.1 Hi-Capa Shooter Ready Grip Tape (Jet Black) For 2011/HI-CAPA Airsoft Pistols

GBBCustom Shooter Ready Grip Tape (Jet Black)

Looking to add more grip to your Airsoft gun? Look no further the GBBCustom Shooter Ready Grip (SRG) is your perfect solution. We designed the SRG around the needs/wants of Real Steel competition shooters and adapted it to Airsoft guns. This is by far the best Airsoft grip tape on the market and we honestly couldn't make it more overkill if we tried. The SRG ensures a strong grip on your gun regardless of sweat, mud, water, and snow.

Also now available in 4" x 8" blank sheets


- Easy to install

Made in the USA!

- Very aggressive grip

- Laser cut for perfect fit

- Comes in a variety of different colors

- Backed by industrial grade adhesive (During installation it can be removed and fitted up to 3 times!) 

 *Airsoft replica sold separately

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